THE GUILT — Album Review

THE GUILT is a two-piece punk-rock discharge from Helsingborg, near Malmö, Sweden with Tobias Kastberg [guitars and rhythms] and Emma [vocals].

If you can imagine that Roxette had been dragged, hacked, hauled, threshed and de-chaffed in a mechanized threshing machine, this is is what they probably would have ended-up sounding like.

The Guilt – unobscured bitchiness…

Tomorrow, the 5th of May 2017 THE GUILT release their debut self-titled album on Heptown records.

The album begins with the ferocious curse and unobscured bitchiness of “Mess at a Birthday Party.” This is brilliantly arrogant and an über-fantastic slap menagerie.

Hate, Hate, Hate” is deep and squelchy. Featuring a low-punch bass, rock-n-roll rhythms, quick betrayer riffs and propellant vocals.

This song sounds like “Caught out There” [Kelis] covered by the B-52’s after a particularly frenetic drug orgy.

Anomalys” [shared below] is the first single from the debut album “THE GUILT” with a cross-cut buzz, chunks of abrasive sound and carbide vocals. It’s a super-heated head-rush of dizzy pressure.

A feverish combination of dance melodies and punked-out alienation.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

Main Picture: Per Lundgren

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