SHIFLETT — London Show Announced

Acclaimed musician, songwriter and performer CHRIS SHIFLETT recently released his autobiographical third solo alt-country album, titled “West Coast Town” which we described as “twangalanging hot-string boogie…” and a collection of “wonderfully composed original pieces [that] prove country rock doesn’t have to be formulaic, cliched nor trashy…

West Coast Town – Chris Shiflett

So we are pleased that the legendary guitarist [best known for his work with the Foo Fighters since June 1999] has announced a rare London acoustic show.

Chris will soon be performing at the world famous 100 Club on 13th June, joining Nic Cester on the bill.

This remarkable show will demonstrate Shiflett’s incredibly skilful solo-play and will be an extraordinary opportunity to experience his hotshot talent up-close-and-personal.

It’s been years since I’ve done any solo shows in the UK,” says Chris, “so I am super-excited to come over and do a couple acoustic gigs. Many thanks to Nic Cester for letting me jump on his show at the 100 Club.”

A further UK date is being considered but no announcement has been made so far.

General Tickets available from 9am today, Friday 5 May (UK) :-


Photo Credit: Brantley Gutierrez
Video by Brian Durkin

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