SHIFLETT — West Coast Town

West Coast Town” is the new solo album from acclaimed musician, songwriter and performer CHRIS SHIFLETT.

Shiflett – genuine hot-string boogie…

It will be released 14th April via SideOneDummy Records.

The artist is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band Foo Fighters since June 1999.

He’s also contributed to projects including the Bay-area band “No Use for a Name” and the punk supergroup “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.”

Chris has been praised for his solo country work since 2010. His rousing vocals and impressive guitar work… an intoxicating froth of jookie-joint honky tonk and energised rockabilly — has merited respect and praise.

West Coast Town – Chris Shiflett

West Coast Town” is the third solo album in Shiflett’s alt-country career: an autobiographical, ten-track release.

We had a listen:

Some rock ‘n’ roll bootleggers have tried performing their numbers with a “country” twist… But Shiflett is the real deal… silver spurs, bootlace ties ‘n’ all….

So the twangalanging uptempo title track [this has already been released on video, see below] is a genuine hot-string boogie.

The characteristic inflexion of his tenor vocal seems a trifle overdone — if we’re being honest, but what the hey? And the melody is basically a punchy version of blues-standard “Rock Me Baby” — done with more dandified slurbble, no doubt— but gosh darnit it’s as honest-to-goodness as Mamma’s country-pie.

Sticks & Stones” seems even more agreeable. The voice-work is breezy, reminding us of Lennon in his younger days and there’s some sweet slide-work too.

The number sits neatly between the positive jangle of The Byrds, the Southern squelch of the Flying Burrito’s and the indie-pop of Counting Crows.

These wonderfully composed original pieces prove that country rock doesn’t have to be formulaic, cliched nor trashy. He’ll be the darling of Nashville yet…

Chris Shiflett’s new album, West Coast Town is out April 14th

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©
Main Photo: Brantley Gutierrez ©


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