THE DEARS — Times Infinity Vol 2

THE DEARS are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec led by husband-and-wife duo Murray Lightburn [vocals/guitars] and Natalia Yanchak [keys.]

The band formed in 1995 and released their first orchestral-pop- noir album, End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story, in 2000.

The Dears – smoo-smoo rhythms and strawberries and cream vocals…

This week they revealed details of their seventh studio album — the second instalment of a two-part project — titled “Times Infinity Volume Two” due July 14, 2017 via Dangerbird Records.

Volume Two sees the completion of a body of work which Lightburn and Yanchak recorded over a two year period between Toronto’s Revolution Recording and Montréal’s Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango.

Speaking about the process, Lightburn says, “At the hotel2tango, it had been a 20 hour day. I worked deliriously towards finishing Volume Two. In part it was because I knew precisely how it was all supposed to fit together but mostly because there was another band’s session coming within just hours...”

It really recalled those overnight mixing sessions for No Cities Left, complete with a fresh-faced Howard (studio co-owner Bilerman) arriving in the morning, coffee in hand, asking, ‘how did it go?’ I still don’t really know. But I did my best.

Both Lightburn and Yanchak identify Volume Two — a record driven by an unmistakeable sensation of discomfort — as the relatively tenebrous constituent of the Times Infinity series.

To get a flavour we listened to new track “Of Fisticuffs” —

This is a dauntless tune filled with graceful lines, smoo-smoo rhythms and strawberries and cream vocals.

Yet it retains the darkest of all hearts…

Plucking angel’s wings has never been sadder…

Words:  @neilmach 2017 ©


Live date UK:
7th October LONDON Oslo

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