East Sussex UK songwriter NATALIE BOULOUDIS has revealed her ‘Dead Sea Scripts’ EP

Conjuring up the essence of 1960’s’ girl-band nostalgia together with succinct songwriting “Dead Sea Scripts” is a broad soundscape, laden with precious narrative lyrical content and witty imagination.

Natalie Bouloudis – like taking a glass of honey bumbo on the poop deck…

Alongside the debut single ‘Burning Pier’ [below] are five new tracks, with each song mingling supernatural representations along with folk musicality and Natalie’s essentially relatable thoughts and beliefs.

The EP starts with the briny and swaying “Raging Forcestress” which is an inebriated shanty with more than a little “Rising Sun Blues” in it to be considered entirely original.

Nevertheless, the vocals are luscious and gleaming… like taking a glass of honey bumbo on the poop deck. Her voice sits halfway between rumtopf syrup and Navy grog.

Burning Pier” has an intricate mechanical rhythm and protracted vowels that tend to yawn over arched spaces along with brilliant horn and mountain violin [by Laura Forbes.]

Here-and-there we find acute guitar too. The western country flavour reminds us of Nancy Sinatra.

Firebird” has that rind of pain and tribulation that’s often found in Johnny Cash songs. Here, her tractor-oil and indigo voice goes so low  she must’ve scraped her knees…

This is a pleasantly rich folk, rock and jazz adventure from a very talented lady.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©



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