SKYLER COCCO — Debut Album

On her debut album titled Reverie, the New York based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist SKYLER COCCO creates an identifiable sound that’s unforced and lofty, with lots of melodic phrases, and the kind of fuzzed, bleary guitars you only find in grunge pop.

Recording her early experiences of personnel loss, heartbreak and development, Reverie becomes a ledger that records the processes she went through — growing and healing — to reach her maturity.

Skyler Cocco – dramatic, innovative and masterly…

In Skyler’s own words… “Reverie is a trip inside my mind during the formative years of post high school through my first few months as a college graduate…

Personally, I was adjusting to life without my dad, struggling to separate my passion for music from his absence, coping with sleep paralysis and vivid nightmares brought on by depression and anxiety, and beginning my first romantic relationship in college…

The musician from the Queens/Nassau County, Skyler discovered music at an early age and began writing and recording songs in her late father’s basement studio.

After writing hooks for rap artists, Skyler branched into the world of pop and alt-rock once she’d studied studio composition at the Music Conservatory of Purchase College.

She found this widened her musical scope and also that her writing became more personalised and releasing.

The first track released from Reverie is the tempting “Some Nerve” [shared below] and we had a listen:

This is darkened by oppressively fuzzed bass notes and lolling synths as the slender curved vocals manifest themselves around the core to protect a hollow cavity of theme.

It is dramatic, innovative and masterly.

For fans of Grimes.

Skyler Cocco’s “Reverie” is out 30th June 2017


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