KEV MINNEY — Like I Always

Acoustic guitarist and singer songwriter KEV MINNEY — based in Brighton UK — creates lush melodious sound-pockets that evoke quiet days and unhurried nights.

His new single ‘Like I Always’ is out this week.

KEV MINNEY – a voice like nutmeg butter spread across a continuous, saw-toothed beat…

Kev began his musical career at the age of 30. Struggling with a stutter, he had to overcome severe stage fright to get performing.

But Kev is a determined achiever, so spent two years practicing 6 hours a day before going to work as a guitar teacher in the evenings.

I have an obsessive nature,” he says. “When I want to achieve something, I think of little else, everything around me relates to what I’m focused on...”

One of his obsessions is astronomy. So when NASA’s New Horizons aired photos of Pluto in 2015, Kev was hooked…

I was in awe at how science could take us as far as 322 light minutes to the most distant planet in our solar system. At that point it felt like that’s how far I was travelling to achieve my artistic ambitions…”

Like I Always’ — produced by the mercury-nominated Jag Jago [The Ghost of a Thousand] — is a single taken from his astronomically inspired debut album, ‘Stories of the Sky’ coming soon.

We listened to “Like I Always” a song about overcoming fear & anxiety —

The voice is like nutmeg butter spread across a continuous, saw-toothed beat. The guitar-work is laid in silky lines of glittering rayon and the melody is full of lubricity.

This is balance, harmony and beauty in musical form.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©


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