TRISTN — January Album

Back in May-time [seems an age ago, we know] we reviewed “Nothing to Say (Nothin’)” from New York‘s eclectic pop-rock singer & producer TRISTN — taken from her long-promised “January” album.

Tristn – a birl of clacking rhythms…

We thought it was pure architectural happiness with angular blocks of sound pushed against sweetly chirruping vocals. The production reminded us of Trevor Horn and we associated the synth-rock sounds with the experience of Russian superstars T.A.T.u.

This weekend, at last, the NYC one-woman wonder-project releases her album “January” that’s based upon true events from her own life’s story and co-produced alongside Tom Coyne (Beyonce, Adele), Ted Jensen (Norah Jones, Muse) and Christian Wright (Abbey Road Studios ) with Steve Kupillas.

Check out “Anywhere But Here” taken from the album [and shared below] —

This number starts with a strident and startling guitar then the piece evolves into a birl of clacking rhythms and vital scintillations.

Consummate equilibrium and organic lustre.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©


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