ORISSA — Tara Review

New Tara video from forthcoming album Resurrection.

Orissa – a paddy-whack of unleashed desire and untamed compulsion…

The New York cinematic progressive-rock project, ORISSA has revealed a stunning new video for the track titled TARA — taken from the forthcoming album “Resurrection

It’s a light-speed rush through a squeeze of fomenting guitars, astonishing rhythms and stirred up vocals. This is pique beyond pique — a paddy-whack of unleashed desire and untamed compulsion.

It’s prog metal for Tool lovers too… with enough emotion and technicality to please any member of the Symphony X cognoscenti.

Orissa was created in 2010 by the cross-pollinating classical musician David Dodini, a virtuoso singer, guitarist & bassist, he is almost (but not quite) a one-man-band (on Tara, for example, Jason Gianni plays drums) — he writes, arranges and performs all parts of the Orissa experience.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

Main Image, photo credit: Max R. Sequeira

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ORISSABAND/

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