SABRINA FALLAH — Kiss Is a Killer

AOR singer-songwriter and guitarist SABRINA FALLAH from Ontario performs widely in Ottawa, Toronto and extensively across Central Canada.

Her first self-released EP of original songs was recorded in England with producer Stuart Epps [Elton John, Led Zeppelin] and she worked with Chris Birkett, an award-winning producer, on her 2015 single “The Frontline.”

In February 2016, Sabrina made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where she had the chance to write with several songwriters and record some new songs with veteran producer Kent Wells. The result is a new EP entitled “Kiss Is a Killer”.

Sabrina Fallah – bittersweet agony…

We had a listen:

The title track “Kiss Is a Killer” breaks across the scene like a magnificent but damaged beast. The imploring vocal bites as it fumes.

This has strength and attitude, but also a certain fugitive sweetness. As if Sabrina wanted to hold back the release until she knew she was to be taken seriously. The addictive chorus and the crackling guitar help create an astonishing spectacle.

Stuck Up” is reminiscent of 1980’s pop with self-assured Cyndi Lauper, Madonna type attitude. The vocal is clearly expressed and striking.

Didn’t Last” is temperamental with a pitter-patter rhythm and a voice that contains bittersweet agony and lots of potential torment. In fact this is moody enough to fuel a trip down Lonely Street for a long stay at the Sad Café.

In this outing Sabrina proves she’s an invincible woman with tales to tell and she’s equipped with the skills that are needed to create soft rock with the kind of atmospheric swagger & attitude that belies the tenderness concealed beneath…

Powerful and brave, with a touch of raw emotion.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

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