TRIGGERFINGER — Live at 100 Club London

TRIGGERFINGER is a Belgian rock group from Lier, formed in 1998.

The trio consists of vocalist, guitarist and main composer Ruben Block, with bassist Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens (formerly of Winterville) on drums.

The sound of the band has been compared to the Queens of the Stone Age. They supported the Rolling Stones in 2013 in Hyde Park, London, but have never led their own shows in Britain till now. We went to see them at the legendary 100 Club London on October 10th.

They’re touring the new album “Colossus” produced by Mitchell Froom and engineered by Tchad Blake which is a bit of a departure from their earlier sounds. Notably, Block plays a bass guitar [though he maintains Van Bruystegem is still the band’s “true” bassist.] The twin bass sound lends the band a particularly dark and industrial atmosphere.

Triggerfinger at 100 Club: Block looks radiant in a bright blue suit… @neilmach 2017 ©

Block looks radiant in a bright blue suit when the band (augmented by keyboards) prance onto stage at the 100 Club to enthusiastic applause.

They start with “Wollensak Walk” which is like the product of a meeting between Ennio Morricone and Robert Rodriguez in a dusty Mexicali go-go bar.

It thunders and judders with wild abandon and fiery Latin vibration, but has the familiar Triggerfinger mathematical brain that involves control and discipline and the need to seek out ingrained truths.
Bring me Back” has swirly synthesizers and some glam-rock chunkiness. The riff-stack on this rock ‘n’ roller separates the powder from a heavy kernel.

Upstairs Box” has hippy-hippy tremors and faltering ooziness. “And There She Was” has dramatic, surreal impulses and nervous shadows. We can’t help thinking it sounds a lot like Muse. The impulsive and acidic guitar solo is intrinsic but distracting.

There’s bump ‘n’ grind in “Flesh Tight” and racy urgency in “By Absence of The Sun” so the set is not actually dedicated to urban decay or Kafkaesque paranoia though it’s given to moments of darkness nonetheless. Actually the band remain joyful and bright for the most part.

A desperately enlivening experience…

Words & Photo Credit: @neilmach 2017 ©



Wollensak Walk [Colossus]
Upstairs Box [Colossus]
And There She Was Lying In Wait [ By Absence Of The Sun ]
First Taste [What Grabs Ya?]
By Absence [By Absence Of The Sun ]
Flesh Tight [Colossus]
Perfect Match [By Absence Of The Sun]
My Baby’s Got A Gun [All This Dancin’ Around]
Black Panic [By Absence of the Sun]
Bring Me Back a Live Wild One [Colossus]
All This Dancin’ Around


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