SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE have revealed new songThe One’ [below] — a cool Latin rocker that sounds like it came directly from Abraxas

Aronoff, Lopez & Grossi pictured here in St Petersburg, Russia.

In fact, it came from the new album ‘Californisoul’ recorded with guests Billy F. Gibbons, Steve Lukather, Eric Gales, Robben Ford & Walter Trout and released on 20th October via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.

CALIFORNISOUL! That’s exactly what it is. It’s the missing soundtrack to a summertime drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1971…” says chief lyric-writer and bassist for the SuperS machine, Fabrizio Grossi.

It’s a sound that has been incessantly toured from Texas, to Holland, from India to Russia and in front of thousands at the Notodden Blues Festival (Europe’s premier blues festival) in Norway.

Recorded at Fab’s Lab in North Hollywood, Calif ‘Californisoul’ is all about the songs, and while Grossi wrote most of the lyrics, the music was created and developed in the studio by the band, and they evoked a modern day soulful, classic blues rock.

SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE is Lance Lopez (guitars/vocals/songwriter), Fabrizio Grossi (bass, producer & cheif songwriter), and Kenny Aronoff (drums).

Supersonic Blues Machine – Rough-hewn but definitely polished…

We had a listen to the album:

Rough-hewn but definitely polished  “I Am Done Missing You” has a cheerful rhythm, grumpy guitars and luxurious colour in every vibration and resonance — we love the ska-lite rhythms and the pulsating textures.

Somebody’s Fool” (feat. Robben Ford) is an expressive rock ‘n’ roller, with jetplane guitars and thrumming rhythms. The passionate blues vowels fit the warp yarn of the sound with precision. This is elemental and atmospheric with guitar-work as fresh and lucid as you’d expect.

Broken Heart” features Billy Gibbons and is a wounded beast with a troubled mind. The agitation is clear as the the beat whips up emotion like a harvest cutter handled by an angry man.

A wounded beast with a troubled mind…

Elevate” (feat. Eric Gales) is an ever-growing pepper stew with boiled vocals and crying vibes. And “Hard Times” (feat. Steve Lukather) is probably the high-point of this fine album — a melodious fig-cake with pattering bongos and candied voices. The citrus guitar is distinctly tart, but not a bit sad.

What’s Wrong” (feat. Walter Trout) is melancholy and perhaps even fragile. With soaring vocal moments, and energetic fretwork… this slowly but inevitably rises to a crescendo.

This is soulful blues-rock at its finest. A unique compendium of late night boogie jams, fast tempo riffs, exciting blues harp and exquisite electric guitar. In fact it’s an amazing gift for anyone who still laments the passing of bands such as Band of Gypsys or Black Crowes.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

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