BLESSED — Howlin

South-East London’s most exciting duo, BLESSED are causing quite a storm around the capital’s music scene as they proceed to deliver their habit-forming and unique merger of classic R&B, dancehall, and electro-pop sounds.

BLESSED – observant melodies, juicy rhythms & an acute sense of lyricism…

Recently signed by Island Records, BLESSED sisters Lauren and Georgia Morgan have released their new song titled, ‘Howlin’.

Once more this presents a genius for forging spellbinding sonics coupled with observant melodies, juicy-hot rhythms and an acute sense of lyricism that reveals supreme levels of freshness.

This fluorescent celebration of overwhelming animal attraction will certainly bring dancefloorgasms to those who seek it…. and the number comes alive with an amazing video directed by rising British director Mo Swlaeh who enlisted a group of the band’s friends to play extras. [Video below]

This sensational track follows the recent release of the debut BLESSED EP titled ‘See Through All The Colours.

This, along with the tempting title track, also featured a previous release titled ‘My Yute’ and their debut track ‘Venom’.


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