ADAM & ELVIS — Through Snow and Small Talk

Reading, Berkshire brothers Patrick and Tom Malone (alias ADAM AND ELVIS) write songs as melodious as they are idiosyncratic.

With hazardous guitars, bedraggled bass-lines and twisted synthesizing instruments as tools of their trade, their rum ‘n’ eerie lyrics are set within slightly wonky sonic architectures, with archaic pop-punk musical contexts that seem influenced by the unconditional pragmatism of heroes such as Leonard Cohen and Charles Bukowski.

Adam and Elvis – an elegant frockcoat of rock and roll juggling…

She Bites Mosquitoes” for example sounds like a cabaret songs that harkens back to the Velvet Goldmine period [1971] of the Bowie years with suggestions of slightly dubious entertainment, political commentary and satire, all wrapped in an elegant frockcoat of rock and roll juggling.

21st Century Hitz’ is space-age and whirly-whirly, with flurries of Martian dust and ridges of rhythm and slow-stepping vocals.

Title track ‘Through Snow and Small Talk’ [shared below] is spooky with a damaged beat and limping piano.

It’s all rather devilish and rather decadent and, like we said before, sounds like Mick Ronson had met Lou Reed one night in The Cave of the Golden Calf and they agreed to play an assortment of numbers by Van Morrison.

For fans of the type of humour found within the macabre & surf-rock meets synth-pop culture…

The ADAM & ELVIS debut album is out now.

Next Adam & Elvis live date UK 17th November Lock Tavern, Camden


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