PUSSYLIQUOR the all-grrl punk band from Brighton, Sussex UK formed last April via their degree courses with Access To Music

The five like-minded souls bonded over a passion for hardcore music and even harder-core feminist notions.

PUSSYLIQUOR are the cat’s whiskers…

Music is our platform; we are strong believers of feminism, we intend to correct the misconceptions around the world and spread fun and joy along the way. Feminism is about eschewing social constraints and showing how unnecessary they are, how we, as women, are subject to ridicule if we are not true to them...”

We believe through feminism we can create a community where people can share their experiences and be able to feel unashamed in whatever way they choose to identify. One of the purposes of this band is for us to share our experiences; we felt there had been many times in the past where we wished we could’ve been told more about feminism.

Live, the PUSSYLIQUOR line up of Ari Black (Vocals), Victoria Lewis Piper (Drums), Kirsten Grant (Guitar), Hannah Villanueva (Guitar) and Tallulah Turner-Fray (Bass) are a dependable blast of potency and impetus that recalls the performance art and unstintingly energetic feminist rioteering of acts like Cosey Fanni Tutti, L7 or The Slits.

Their fist single, “7″ Wonder” is released this week and the first track titled “KITTY KITTY” — and taken from the double- A-sided release — is available now.

We had a listen:

It’s a grinding, wallow & bronzed, metallic brute of a song with a bleached-grunge attitude that doesn’t hinder any of the steadfast soliciting, demanding, and generally complaining meows that filter through those abstract walls of sound… Yep, this is the cat’s whiskers !

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pxssyliqxor/

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