TOMMY EMMANUEL — with RODNEY CROWELL Looking Forward To The Past

The highly esteemed two-times Grammy-nominated composer and talented Travis-picking guitarist TOMMY EMMANUEL from New South Wales, Australia has released another video-track from his upcoming “Accomplice One” collaborations album.

On the new track titled “Looking Forward To The Past” Emmanuel is joined by country’s Grammy-Award winning artist RODNEY CROWELL.

Tommy Emmanuel — literally flies a guitar…

On the song, Emmanuel says : “When [Crowell] asked me to play on his new album, I suggested we trade and he sing on my album, it was a deal! When I went to his studio to play on his track, he sang me this song and I came back the next day and we recorded ‘Looking Forward To The Past.’ Rodney works the same way I like to: sitting down and playing as if it’s in front of an audience. We capture a performance, and we don’t manufacture it.

American country music singer and songwriter Crowell also praised his work experience with Tommy : “Playing guitar and singing with Tommy Emmanuel is like catching a ride with an F-15 fighter jet pilot. Gravity has no effect on Tommy; it’s as if he literally flies a guitar.”

Accomplice One” is packed with superior features, for example, an impressive interpretation of “Purple Haze” with Dobro master Jerry Douglas, or “You Don’t Want to Get You One of Those,” that’s an ingenious vocal and acoustic duet with Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler… and “Djangology” a gift of gypsy-jazz recorded live in Havana, Cuba, with Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo, plus many more treats…

Accomplice One” will be the first album released on Players Club — a new imprint from Mascot Label Group. In addition to guitar-heavy labels like Provogue (blues), Mascot (rock/metal) and Music Theories Recordings (prog), this label will be home to great and free spirited guitar music and jams.


Accomplice One by TOMMY EMMANUEL
Released: January 19th
via Mascot Label Group/Players Club

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