THE RAFT is an indie-pop acoustic project from shoe-gazer Phil Wilson from Neston, UK (with help from Claire O’Neill and Jpedro).

The Raft – gently effervescent sunshine-pop…

The Raft has just released a new 4 track EP. We had a listen:

Blue And Blue” is a gently effervescent sunshine-pop number that evokes The La’s, perhaps with Ian Broudie style vocalisations.

It’s a jolly shanty, with characteristic clap-clapiness and some contraband corn-shucking rhythms that, maybe, hint of lament behind the sails.

Orion” the brilliant navigator of the oceans has a slow rhythm, leisurely pace, and some alert positivity that provide the glowing textures…

While closing track “My Elusive Friend” has haunting tautness, chanted harmonies, tight guitars and a regularity that pushes the sliding dance directly into the heart of any listener…


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