SUN HOUSE — Leave Me For Dead

SUN HOUSE are a new three-piece rock blues outfit from Guildford, Surrey UK who seem imbued with the spirit of B.B King, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and the blues greats.

Sun House – a flame-polished blues atmosphere …

They offer powerful rhythms, with Cam Meek on drums, appealing riffs by Jamie Ellis on guitar and a spellbinding voice by Emilia Quinn, who is the vocalist and bassist for the band.

Their recently released break-up single “Leave Me For Dead” is darker than the wing-tips of a Saragossa raven and has a sweltering vocal from Emilia that’s full of sour-smoke and buttermilk [reminiscent of Siobhan Fahey, we think.]

The unyielding, yet durable beats, rock emphatically with the clamorous guitar rhythms and an overall flame-polished blues atmosphere… and this means the number is as refreshing, seductive and yet ultimately saddening as too much barrel-house beer down the Yazoo way.

This is a brightly burnished blues-rock number that exudes seductive grit from all its bones…

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©


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