KYLYPSO — Soon Fun

KYLYPSO are an East London three-piece whose voluptuous technotron ‘n’ psychotonic pieces will perforate the self-afflicted glum of 2017 with frizzly and lively colors.

Theirs is the sound of perpetual summer and the notion that joy always follows anguish in the scheme of things…

KYLYPSO – syncopated rhythms and genuinely angelic harmonies

Reminiscent of Tame Impala and Caribou, their pop-works are visionary, emotional and bouncy…  because they’ve been whelped into life by vernal minds that remain unpolluted…

Deceptively simple (easy to appreciate, but difficult to fabricate) the sound of KYLYPSO is vital because it’s a deep spiritual journey into the continuous wonder of music-making.

Now KYLYPSO debut their gorgeous synth pop EP “Soon Fun” — we had a listen:

Cosmic Dolphins” is chipper, über-rhythmic and malleably danceable with interlocking grooves, syncopated rhythms and genuinely angelic harmonies.

Blame Love” shimmers like a glacial dawn, with snakebite beats, subcutaneous waves of gelatine-silk synths and a sheer melodic glide that builds into a fabulous terrace of steel-pans.

Nights” [shared below] is a dance pop wonder with a nostalgic 1990s techno feel and a crunchy sense of melody.


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