KING — Poetry

Born in Copenhagen to a Cuban mother and a Chilean father, 27 year old KING creates refined and softened pop with an undisputed cathartic release. She began to perfect her performance skills with street dance at an early age and then joined a Copenhagen urban dance academy. At 15, she earned a living as a dance teacher.

KING – Stylish and  snappy

KING has now revealed the gleaming new electro-pop single and video for “Poetry” — a taut personalized paean to delivering the strength to do what’s required through one’s own thoughts and based on the belief that one knows what is best for oneself… if supported by friends.

She directs and choreographs the ascending and radiant music video that accompanies the song. [See below]

KING’s recent run of singles has secured her place as one of the most indispensable nascent Scandi-pop talents of 2017. Her records are spellbinding, with captivating & snappy visuals to accompany the artworks.

Poetry is a very special song to me…” she says. “Reflecting over my life and concluding that I’m the only one in charge of the outcome…

That’s how I came up with the line “I’m the poet / you’re my poetry”. It also revolves around certain special people in my life who have had a big impact on me, which is why I refer to them as poetry.”

In addition to having a clear message behind the content KING also had particular ideas for how she wanted the “Poetry” video to look, so she involved the talented film maker Annie Ingrid who specializes in shooting dance for video.

We listened to “Poetry” —

There are lumpy bass wobbles throughout, and although this has a slow-stepping & dope vibe, the rhythms come snakebite-fast and the vocal is a treacle-tart sweet, flitter-jigging treat.

Stylish and  snappy. This is very reminiscent of Major Lazer’s “Lean On.”

File under MØ or Grimes


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