Taking inspiration from bands like Weezer, The Pixies, Arcade Fire, The Killers, Mac DeMarco, Pavement and Tame Impala, THE NECTARS from New Jersey, USA offer flaming punk guitars, ingenious harmonic motifs, flashy and shameless rhythms and overt, blitzy vocals.

The Nectars – skew-whiff vocals that are never so saintly as they first appear…

In fact, they have created their own brand of Indie Punk which they define as “alternative jizz-jazz / cat-trap fusion” or psychedelic-sex-punk. Whatever you call, it’s impatient, frank and full of brash spirit.

Now THE NECTARS, comprising vocalist Jessica Kenny, with Mikey “Mad Dog” Montalbano on drums, Jon Paul on bass, keys plus backing vox and Mike Baron on guitar, release their debut single “Heaven.”

We had a listen:

This is a sizzling mix of lopsided riffs, zealous ‘n’ bockety rhythms and seraphic yet skew-whiff vocals that are never so saintly as they first appear.

And the sour-angled, blade-cutter guitar delivery has the the kind of ever-growing intensity we seem to have lost since those Sonic Youth days of a bygone Reagan era.


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