Interview with THE BAD FLOWERS

The Bad Flowers’ debut album “Starting Gun” is released on Friday 16th February.

They tour the UK with Stone Broken and Jared James Nichols from Thursday 22nd February. Info at:

RAW RAMP had the opportunity to talk to the band, prior to hitting the road:

Tell us about your origins in Cannock. Isn’t that where Mel Galley and Glenn Hughes originate?

“Yeah, it was Mel and Glenn who put the place on the map, it’s just a small town but there’s plenty of places for music venues and pubs so the inspiration to play music thrives from the town is incredible, as teens we would always be out watching bands playing and playing shows our self, there was a really good local music circuit there and o don’t think anything has changed now.”

What is it about living and working in the area that produces such hard rock talent?

“ I think it come a lot from the love and support for new and live music in the area, I honestly think live music and supporting new bands helps massively and the amount of venues that have audiences hungry for new music is refreshing.”

How difficult is it to get started and to compete as a rock band in 2017/18?

“Its hard but you get out what you put in, you’ve got to have passion and drive for it and more importantly love doing it, when we started we would drive all over the country playing anywhere that would have us, and I think you always have to be looking two steps or more ahead to keep the ball rolling that really is the hardest part making every gig better than the last.”

THE BAD FLOWERS will play an exclusive “Starting Gun” launch show at the Birmingham Asylum 2 on Saturday 17th February 2018

The title of your album is Starting Gun, do you think this recording signals the beginning of your career?

“In our minds this started nearly four years ago when we first got together, the album has come at the point it felt right, were really hoping that everyone loves it, we have put long hours in the studio and quite literally blood sweat and every ounce of soul we have into this. We hope it’s something we can carry on doing for many, many years to come.”

Tell us about working with producer Adam Beddow at Vigo. They’re the No Americana guys aren’t they? How did Adam contribute to the project?

“Ad is a great guy to work with we have known him for years, from when he was in a band before No America, but when he is in the studio behind the desk he is a genius and he brought a different ideas to the table in how to record and get the best sound, he also pushed us to get that best out of us as musicians, listening to parts and re-recording when we were in the zone.”

Do you think there is a revival in British rock? The NWOBHM occurred when interest declined in punk, do you think some dominant mainstream genres are on the wane and hard-rock is back on the rise?

“There is a massive revival in British Rock and it’s happening right now, we have played with amazing new bands it really is an exciting time to be playing music, Planet Rock are really big on supporting British rock, it’s a great platform for the new wave of bands.”

In the past we compared your sound to Thunder and Bad Company … Fair comparisons? Who are your Hard Rock and Blues Rock idols?

“Thank you, those are some of our influences, as well as bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rival Sons, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Rose Hill Drive, Dream Theatre, Slade, Trapeze just to name a few.”

Bad Flowers Main Photo Credit © Mark Varney

The Bad Flowers’ debut album “Starting Gun” is released on Friday 16th February.

They tour the UK with Stone Broken and Jared James Nichols from Thursday 22nd February

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