ELLES BAILEY— Extra Songs for Wildfire Deluxe

The talented blues artist and soulful song-crafter ELLES BAILEY from Bristol, UK whose new album “Wildfire” will delight fans of Etta James, Dusty Springfield & Ruth Brown, has announced that she will add more songs to her Wildfire Deluxe Edition: “Leipers Fork”, “People We Used To Be” and “Soul To Rest.”

The six new tracks for the Deluxe Edition will include these three previously unreleased numbers as well as three alternate versions of ‘almost unplugged’ versions of existing Elles Bailey numbers.

ELLES BAILEY – a succulent voice of plum-peach…
Photo: @neilmach 2017 ©

Being the workaholic I am,” explains Elles, “I managed to find time in-between tour dates to record the ‘almost unplugged’ versions of “Same Flame”, “Shackles of Love” and “I”.

I had planned to make them completely acoustic, but the songs had their own idea, so we went a little off piste.

I’m so glad as I love the vibe that was captured: a real raw, gritty sound that’s reminiscent of the ‘four piece’ live performance.”

“The playing from Joe Wilkins (guitar) Zak Ranyard (bass) and Matthew Jones (drums/percussion) is simply stunning and I know you will love these takes…

We thought her unadorned sounds were heartbreakingly intimate and composed with vital emotion, when we saw an Elle playing recently at the Ilfracombe Blues Festival.

Shackles Of Love” from the Deluxe Recording is accompanied by rhythmic guitar, has rat-tail, raffia percussion and a succulent voice of plum-peach that has a satin walnut finish.

Check-out  the new video for “Same Flame” below

Wildfire is out on 22nd December 2017

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ellesbailey/
Main Picture: Eric Hobson Photography

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