British alternative rock band THE NIGHT SUNS sit somewhere between Massive Attack and Alice in Chains with sounds that combine energetic power: [Radu Constantin on vocals and guitars] with driving beats [Marky Zanna on drums, Krystian Turek on bass and Freddy Ciocoiu on synth & FX] to encompass an enervating sense of darkness within majestic musical landscapes that seem familiar — urban shapes of concrete and metal.

Night Suns – rhythms lubricated with diesel and great choruses…

Now the Londoners have released their new EP titled “Human.”

The debut single “Smoke” taken from the EP has been around a while. It has corrosive textures, rhythms lubricated with diesel and a great chorus, which sounds a little hypnotic.

My Blood Is Cold” is spooky with just a hint of light from the darkness  — it makes way through a black-coffin opening. The psalm-song voice is sonorous and the atmosphere is deadly, but there is a smart twist here. Try it and you will see.

Human” is perfectly executed, with luminous voices and melancholic chords. The guitar work is magnificent and the song-writing excellent.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©


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