KATE NASH — Drink About You + Album Out Soon

English indie-pop singer-songwriter, KATE NASH has announced that her highly anticipated new album, “Yesterday was Forever” will be released 30th March.

Kate Nash – wily implications?

Yesterday was Forever” will be released independently, funded by Kate’s 2017 successful KickStarter campaign.

Today Kate has unveiled the first single from the album, “Drink About You” plus accompanying video [see below]

Her debut album, “Made of Bricks” [2007 ] reached #1 in the UK and she won the Best British Female Artist award at the 2008 Brits.

We had a listen to “Drink About You” —

It has chipper ratchet & clank, cog-railed beats, conscious and wily implications and the kinda bubbly soda-pop atmosphere you thought had gone for good when Duffy caught that midnight train at Warwick Avenue, the Cribs got cheated-on and Lily Allen finally realized Everyone’s [was] at it

Yeah, Kate proves she’s still the master fizzamatician!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/katenash

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