ARXX — Daughters Of Daughters

Garage-rock pals Hannah Pidduck [vocals, guitar] and Clara Townsend [drums] from Brighton, United Kingdom aka ARXX seem inspired by Deap Vally’s blues-rock country and Kate Nash’s acidic urban activism.

ARXX – a feminist exoskeleton…

Now they’ve released their EP entitled “Daughter of Daughters

We had a listen —

Moments At A Time” is a gigantic nervousness, an obscene emotion — of clapping drums, vibrating chords and biting vocals. It’s as energetic as a red-diamond pit-viper on the jump.

Intervention” is urgent and persuasive.

With a familiar rhythmic pattern and gorgeous low-wallowing chords as well as a feminist exoskeleton that vociferously and instinctively shows off the passion.

This 6-track thrill-ride sits halfway between punk and stripped-down blues. A lo-fi treatment filled with thick noises, dry body-blows and copper-bullets of cogent heat.


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