BRIJS — Jasmine

BRIJS pronounced ‘Bryce’ is a 27-year-old London-based musical adventurer who has played bass on stage and in the studio for Will Joseph Cook and worked on solo compositions, written for the screen and the wider pop market.

His debut EP ‘Friends’, went straight into Spotify’s star-making Fresh Finds playlist, while another demo titled ‘Thunder’ was chosen by Strongbow, the cider makers , for their 2016 commercials.

His soundtracks include the 2016 short: We Love Moses, which recently won Best British Short at the London Critics Circle Film Awards, The Dinard British Film Festival and the Iris Prize Festival.

Brijs – a contiguous interpretation…

Brijs has moved on from his downbeat style from a few years back. “Over the past couple of years I’ve come to appreciate the heart on the sleeve approach — to embrace the cliche that was somehow more acceptable in the past

He creates the kind of psych-pop that features big hooks, hearty guitar riffs, classical synthesizers and boxes of electronic rhythms, and his influences include Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen and Paul Simon. Most contemporary inspiration comes from The Shins, Tame Impala and Arcade Fire, amongst others.

With a debut album on the way and many more screen adventures to come, Brijs continues to make waves as a versatile musician, composer and producer.

His newly released video, titled “Jasmine” takes the submerged melody from Jai Paul’s enigmatic 2012 demo and creates a contiguous interpretation that pays homage to the original.

We had a listen:

There is a cruel bite of thin-freeze in the air as this piece starts its journey, then sound-chips seem sliced from a glacier, they are so bitterly cold…

But the rhythm sprouts as the composition springs forward and then this finds pace with a tender heart… and soon the soul inside learns that its linked to love.



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