The Stockholm based indie/post punk purveyors THE EXPLODING BOY create evocative sounds that seem to come from Leeds, England, from about the year 1985.

Exploding Boy – enough musicality to delight the most astute connoisseur…

Their songs are poppy and upbeat, with lush riffs and distinctive rhythms. Their sound sits somewhere between Manchester’s Chameleons and Brit-pop experiences such as Shed Seven.

The band was formed in 2006 by Lars Andersson and Johan Sjöblom and they have released 5 albums to date. Their newest Alarms! album is due May 18th and two tracks are already available:

The Day” is a wonderful, groovy gift with dark shades and a soft exterior. There is enough musicality to delight the most astute connoisseur, but the song is also poppy enough to dance along with and swirl a white silk-scarf to. The voice is half Philip Oakey and half Dave Gahan, in other words, chocolate baritone, bitter with a hint of orange. Genuine and sincere.

Run Red” [lyric video below] meanwhile, is sweltering, suffocating-hot fun… with an intoxicating chorus and dark moments. This is temperamental and unpredictable with powerful drums and flourishing patterns of light. Very clever and addictive.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Alarms! Release Date: 18 May 2018 Label: Drakkar Records


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