RYDERS CREED — Headspace

Five-piece Midlands rockers RYDERS CREED [who rose from the ashes of Black Rose Cadillac] — with Ryan Hulme (vocals), Myles Cooper (guitar & vocals) and Richard Clark (bass) teamed with Lee Hicks-Spencer (guitar) and Lee Gilbert (drums) to shine during the Hard Rock Hell’s Highway To Hell, 2017.

They won themselves a prize package that included a contract with Off Yer Rocka recordings, an opening slot on the Main Stage of HRH #11 in Wales, and a place on the 2018 HRH Road Trip.

Headspace – dark as a dungeon and clings to your jacket like monster cobwebs…

They say they’re inspired and influenced by the classic rock of Black Sabbath, Clutch, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Status Quo, Monster Truck… to name a few.

The band will perform across the UK during 2018, appearing at a bunch of rock festivals, with 7 headline shows.

And they just released their spanking new video [shared below] for the single “Headspace” taken from their new album.

We had a listen:

Here the lads create a tense and disturbing soundscape that combines mettlesome, able-bodied guitar riffs, with a slinky-inky bass lines and an absolute salvo of concrete rhythms …

This song is dark as a dungeon and clings to your jacket like monster cobwebs, but also offers the light of salvation through those extra-luminous vocals.

It’s like waking from a lucid dream to face the real horrors of life i.e. the plain-old, everyday worries that somehow we all muddle through…

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/RydersCreed/

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