ALBA — Dirty Tears

The singer-songwriter ALBA [Anni Sinilahti] from Turku, Finland met the producer PSYLLA in 2016 and they wrote and co-produced her “Life of a Bird” together.

ALBA – undulating rhythms mix around the lovely & characteristic voice…

Her new single “Dirty Tears” has been released this month.

I wasn’t feeling exactly inspired the day I wrote Dirty Tears…” says ALBA.

So Mauri (producer, Mauri Syrjälä ) and I just gave up and decided to write a generic uplifting pop song. After leaving the studio in Suomenlinna (an island outside of Helsinki) I hopped on a ferry, sat down and started listening to what we had just finished recording. I cried my eyes out as I had without realising written a song that was a direct expression of how I had been feeling deep down for the past couple of months.”

We had a listen:

The undulating rhythms mix around the lovely and characteristic voice. This is sympathetic and resonant … with vibrant synth beats and the kind of hope we can only dream of finding when compromised by the quixotic nature of love…

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©



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