SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL — Elemental Sex + Tour Dates

THE SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL  are an intergalactic troop of circus people, who execute a unique brand of industrial hard rock contaminated by metal and electropop for the delectation of the good colonists on this blue planet, and to the other races they might meet on their travels.

Sick N’ Beautiful – like Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie

They’re like Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie but they also romp to the sounds of Katy Perry and Shelley Manson as well. In other words… they’re lots and lots of fun!

The say they are space aliens who left a planet called Acheron a long time ago, and because of severe damage to their rocket ship, they haven’t been able to get back home.

They fly the BFS9000, a ship that has seen better days. Now they are stranded on Earth. The band comprise of Herma on vocals Rev C2 and Lobo on guitars, Evey on drums and with Big Daddy Ray on bass.

Their intergalactic new album Element Of Sex is set for worldwide release on 29th June, with advance digital copies available to anyone who buys a ticket for their upcoming “We C*m In Peace” Tour [dates below]




22nd – Birmingham,Castle & Falcon
23rd – Southampton,The 1865
24th – Bristol, The Tunnels
25th – Wakefield,Black Mass
27th – Glasgow,Ivory Blacks
28th – Nottingham, The Maze
29th – Oxford ,The Bullingdon
30th – Cambridge, Portland Arms
31st – Stoke On Trent, The Underground

1st – Newcastle,Think Tank
2nd – Manchester, Aatma
3rd – London , Camden Assembly

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