THE EXPLODING BOY — Sound the Alarm O’ The Times

THE EXPLODING BOY will release their new album “Alarms!” this week.

With a band name lifted from The Cure’s song, this Swedish sextet have been performing together since 2006.

Exploding Boy – temperamental & unpredictable…

They didn’t want to simply step into their guiding light’s shoes, but instead work hard to take influences from other post-punk, alternatives and dark, indie-rock sources, combining their own passions & desires, to produce incomparable sounds that resonate in today’s climate — as well as with decades long past.

The Exploding Boy’s brand of dark wave, gothic-dance is full of anxious thoughts, persistent & unforgettable melodies, melancholy moments and super-seductive harmonies.

Their rock variant of “Sign O’ The Times” [shared below, not included in the album] is a ferment of foaming guitars and fiery percussion. With chafing vocals and lyrics that scrape against the paradigm.

The Day” is groovy with chocolate baritone vocals that recall Philip Oakey and perhaps Dave Gahan. While “Run Red” is temperamental and unpredictable, with powerful drums and flourishing sound patterns.

Alarms In Silence” is a forceful stream of energy, with spurtles of drum and glorious, liquid vivacity. This has strong passion in its heart and you will find that the durable chrous will be reluctant to leave your noddle.

Alarms! is out tomorrow — 18th May 2018 via Drakkar Records


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