NO DRY COUNTY — Elvis Gun Runner

The Texas folk-rock band NO DRY COUNTY (better known as NDC) deliver outrageously addictive Americana to their audiences.

With Dub Wood on bass & vocals, Trent Langford on lead vocals & guitar, Matt Newsom on drums & vocals and Bristen Phillips on guitar

No Dry County – Chuck Berry rhythms…

Now their fresh track “Elvis Gun Runner” is released ahead of a new album “Panhandle Music” — due out June 8.

We listened to Elvis Gun Runner

This is a bubbly, fizz-pop of a rock ‘n’ roller with Chuck Berry rhythms, lively yet sharpish guitars, and some rat-a-tatty drums.

It’s brilliantly fast and firmly tongue-in-cheek…

Well, what would you expect from a band from Hub City?

After all, this is the town that spawned Buddy Holly, The Flatlanders and the Legendary Stardust Cowboy…


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