MAX CADDY — Hear Me Out

The acoustic blues/folk duo MAX CADDY came together in 2012.

Vocalist Corina Corina was an R&B singer on the NYC hip hop scene while guitarist Jesse O’Neill was a Brooklyn busker. Now they play sweet Americana to deserving audiences.

Max Caddy – ditzy & jingly

New song, “Hear Me Out” [shared below] presents Coralie Colmez, from Liquor Radio, on the violin.

And also includes rhythms from the famous metal drummer Alex Cohen. The track is taken from their new EP “Straight to the Face” due out June 1st.

We had a listen:

The lead crybaby chiffon vocals are the chippy end of Stevie Nicks — you know, that extraordinary feathery, light quality that’s almost childlike.

And the melody is ditzy and jingly until the whole piece transforms into an evocative and inspiring ritual acclamation.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

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