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Following-on from the bloody amazing ‘n’ spangly electro alt-rock “Look At The Night” came the groovily wobble-some — “Find Another” both offered by Brighton’s YUMI AND THE WEATHER and from their exceptional self-titled album.

Photo of artist
Yumi And The Weather -glittery, colour-filled promise… Photo credit : @neilmach 2019 ©

We saw the band play live the recent Alt At Escape at St Nicholas Church. The vocals were as clear as crystal, the keys were filled with glittery, color-filled promise and the rhythms were extraordinarily vivid.

Since emerging 2013 with an acclaimed EP titled ‘All We Can’ EP Yumi And The Weather have perfected their incomparable mixture of thrilling technicolor psych-pop.

We’re looking forward to seeing them again soon.


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