THE KUT — Hollywood Rock n Roll

Featured as one of Kerrang! Magazine’s Breakthrough Acts of the Year (2017) THE KUT have been doing a great job of winning over rock fans and music media since 2010, with many videos, incredible tours, electrifying singles and simply splendid EPs… all this brought to fruition with a long awaited debut full-length ‘Valley Of Thorns’ — and it’s just charted at No. #7 in the UK Rock Albums Chart. The album was released on front-woman Princess Maha’s own indie label: Criminal Records.

THE KUT – rizzie-nizzie & peeved indignation…

Often dubbed the ‘hardest working woman in rock n roll’ Princess Maha leads The Kut with Diana Bartmann on drums and Stella Vie on bass/vox — their reputation is well-deserved as one of the most rock ‘n’ rollin’ bands on the scene right now.

In ‘Valley Of Thorns’ The Kut have brought together a future classic album, produced by James Le Rock ( Skindred / Def Leppard / White Zombie / My Vitriol) and it’s primed to push these ladies into the limelight.

Hollywood Rock n Roll” [shared below] has been taken from the album, and has just been released as a teaser :-

We had a listen:

This fizzer has the rizzie-nizzie peeved indignation of Spiders-era Furnier (circa mid 1960s) — with that same type of ritual articulation and wild-child hammering that tends to be more exasperated pique than actual umbrage.

Of course, the guitars swirl and hum deftly, and the cuffing rhythm is so delirious it makes the toes tremble, but it’s the vigorously durable lead voice, reminiscent of Courtney Love, that brings about all the shine.

Main Photo: Credit Craig at Digichemistry
Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

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