SONIA LEIGH — Studio 3 Sessions

The talented songwriter, guitarist and vocalist SONIA LEIGH from Nashville, Tennessee will release her 11-track studio album ‘Sonia Leigh and Friends: Studio 3 Sessions’ on 15th June, 2018 before some shows in the United Kingdom.

Sonia Leigh moved frequently during her childhood, spending time in the Bible Belt and Midwest. This drifting nature led her to immersion into a variety of ever-changing experiences. Although music remained a constant presence.

Sonia expands country music beyond its conventional boundaries…

Sonia became textured by many musical artists along the way. Inspired, at an early age, by her grandfather singing Hank Williams songs at family gatherings, and absorbing her father’s record collection she also fell in love with the sounds of her mother’s classic-rock.

In her teens, the anguish of an emerging grunge scene opened a whole new world for Sonia’s musical impulse. Sonia resorted to all these influences when she began to write and represent her own material, and soon the chameleonizing musician perfected her art and achieved a genre-crossing style.

I grew up listening to country music with my Dad,” Sonia recalls, “but rock slowly became one of the biggest parts of the picture. I just loved it all, and I wanted to play it all. I was never someone who wanted to play only one style. I just wanted to play music.”

Sonia’s passion for the criss-crossing genres gives her music an eloquent personality, vigor and life-force. She’s toured the world artists such as: Melissa Etheridge, Zac Brown Band, Eric Church, Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn.

And Sonia deserves her reputation as an accomplished songwriter who can expand country music beyond its conventional boundaries: She has a pair of #1 hits to her name: Zac Brown Band’s ‘Goodbye in Her Eyes’ and ‘Sweet Annie’ (both featured on the Grammy-winning album ‘Uncaged’)

Now Sonia continues to evolve her solo career, working with new sounds, collaborators and jumping the borders of genres with ease. Sonia resorts to everything from pop, hip hop and country storytelling, to create her high-energy, free-spirited numbers that always seem to incorporate attention-grabbing hooks and elegant, yet canny, lyrics.

Her 11-track studio album ‘Sonia Leigh and Friends: Studio 3 Sessions’ demonstrates a structured and genuinely natural approach to composition. On the album, recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, Sonia has joined forces with a handful of carefully selected UK musicians including: James Tranter, James Dudley and Luke Davis from Broken Witt Rebels. And the album is scattered with a collection of surprise cameo’s.

Sonia will be headlining the Supa Jam stage at The Black Deer Festival Friday, 22nd June. You can also catch her solo show Thursday, 21st June at the Hertford Corn Exchange.

Sonia Leigh and Friends: Studio 3 Sessions is out 15th June, 2018


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