TRIGGERFINGER — Stone Free London

Belgian rock trio TRIGGERFINGER will be returning to the UK to perform at this years Stone Free Festival held at the O2 [Saturday 16 June 2018] in support of their brand new album Colossus.

Triggerfinger – a dark and stormy edge. Photo Credit: @neilmach 2017 ©

The Antwerp trio consists of vocalist, guitarist and main composer Ruben Block, with bassist Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens (formerly of Winterville) on drums.

Their sound has been compared to Queens of the Stone Age.

When RAW RAMP saw them performing in London, we thought their show thundered and juddered: “with fiery Latin vibration, yet had the familiar Triggerfinger mathematical brain — control and discipline — the need to seek out ingrained truths…”

Their unquenchable energy for the live stage is legendary: they have opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones (twice), Thin Lizzy, Clutch, Big Sugar and Therapy? They were asked to step in at Pinkpop to replace the mighty Foo Fighters when Dave Grohl was injured.

Flesh Tight” [track two from the album, shared below] has a slippery, moldy sound, with a sleaxy-beat and greasalicious, inky vocals. There’s a dark and stormy edge around the composition. It’s like early “Garbage” with, perhaps, the black celebration of the Depeche Mode.

The band will be performing at STONE FREE FESTIVAL on Saturday June 16th


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