CROOKED TEETH — The American Dream

The London based electro-pop songwriting trio CROOKED TEETH released their single “American Dream” earlier this month and are buzzing from their recent showcase experience at The Great Escape festival in Brighton.

Powerful driving euphony

In the last three years, their sound has evolved, using analog electronics & great rhythms to create psychological pop. Propulsive synthesizer work and distorted guitar lines imbue the music with a powerful driving euphony while they set the standard high with impeccable production standards

The American Dream is an electro environmental/societal anthem — perhaps aimed at the discontented & disenchanted generations.

Growing up in the Nineties, we were spoon fed this prophecy of a Western utopia of wealth and uniformity. This song is just a reaction to that mirage and is driven by the effect that thousands of events like Oklahoma and Columbine have had on us.” says Rob from Crooked Teeth.

A jewel of irregular electronics, ‘The American Dream’ might channel a sense of post-punk disillusionment into its pessimistic and cynical guitar lines, however, it’s highly contagious and theres a true sense of joy in the song’s floating synths, the percussive minimalism and voluminous free form outro.

Affirming that “The American Dream” is really “dead” as Trump announced at his rallies, this track reflects a state of weary skepticism towards the state of global politics, through its deft melodic environment.


Main Image: @neilmach 2018 ©

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