BECOMING BRISTOL [formerly known as “The Exchange”] is a self-managed and self-booked band from Seattle, WA that are emerging full-force onto the music scene in 2018.

Kindness and generosity

Centered around brothers Britt and Jack Espinosa the band has turned to a diverse set of musical experiences to heal the wounds of the world and curate something fresh and interesting for the listeners.

Inspired by the legend of a traveler named Bristol, who caused entire towns to stir with kindness and generosity, Becoming Bristol seek to create the same sense of union and potential wherever they play.

After their first single, “Sort Myself Out” [released this month] the group intend to release new material during the year and bring a captivating live show to venues in the Pacific Northwest.

Their single “Sort Myself Out” [produced with with LA’s AKA Wolves] is about introspection and taking responsibility for oneself. It starts as a disturbing set of jagged fragments but becomes honeyed by superbly mellifluous vocals and treacled by tinkles. An exceptional pleasure.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

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