DEAD CEREMONY — All This Noise

With silky sounds bubbling underneath classy vocals and lyrics telling a fable of lost love, Kent [UK] band DEAD CEREMONY push for glory here.

Dead Ceremony – triggers a sense of emotion…

Their quirky, psychedelic, music is different and original as it hits through like a battle-hard heartbeat.

The new single: All This Noise [from the forthcoming 2018 EP ‘Heartache‘] triggers a sense of emotion, delivering a chorus which fits perfectly as the strokes of resonation bleed through.

Many will resonate with what they’re hearing, even though it may strike people in different ways.

Listeners may listen carefully to the instrumentals or they may try to catch every aching word like a balloon ready to grace the atmosphere. Electronic pulses grace the ears and Dead Ceremony have melded together a subtle song which makes them branch out, and the story is clear, as synth pop takes centre stage. And lead singer Christopher Stewart manages to utilise his vocals wonderfully well, and when he sings about a fading paradise, it gives us a real insight to what the song is trying to tell us.

It’s an emotional roller-coaster of shattered love.


Words: Mark McConville 2018 ©

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