Interview with MADDISON

Recovery’ is the follow up release to the debut album by Chepstow (Wales) UK rock band MADDISON titled ‘The Dark’ released last year.

We spoke to James, vocalist and lead guitar, about the band and the new release:

RAW RAMP: Tell us how MADDISON happened?

“We’re based out of Chepstow, South Wales. We all met through playing with various bands in the past in the past and formed Maddison in early 2017. I had been writing songs personally for quite some time and eventually we all got together and really hit it off. Since then we haven’t stopped playing and writing and never plan to stop!”

Maddison – Upbeat rock music with soaring guitars and continuous hooks…

RAW RAMP: Where does the band-name come from?

“It is actually the name of my daughter Maddison. She often used to sing with me when I was writing ideas that eventually contributed to the lyrics of our first album ‘The Dark’ and I really felt it was a touching tribute to her to call the band after her.”

“I’m James and I sing and play lead guitar in Maddison. Peej is on rhythm guitar, Benj on bass, Aled on keys & Kob on drums.”

RAW RAMP: How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

“Upbeat rock music with soaring guitars and continuous hooks.”

RAW RAMP: How does the new EP “Recovery” compare with the twilight beauty of your album ‘The Dark’?

“My first album lyrically was an amazing experience for me to write. It was heavily influenced by some very dark places and things I have been through but since then the writing process has evolved, and the music has evolved with it. It’s a lot more upbeat, heavier, and contains more memorable riffs, hooks and melodies.”

Upbeat, anthemic rock

RAW RAMP: Tell us about ‘Lose My Mind

“ ‘Lose My Mind’ is taken from our new EP, “Recovery.” It’s an upbeat, anthemic rock track about being in control of your own mind, controlling your emotions, and trying not to lose it.”

RAW RAMP: Does music bring about recovery?

“Personally speaking, definitely. Writing/music is so expressive and helps me to keep focused. The music I write comes from past struggles I’ve faced. Losing my father and my brother and having a near fatal motorbike accident has made me realise that no matter how hard life gets, and no matter how low you may feel, there is always something around the corner to lift you back up, and with me that’s definitely in music. I try to convey this message in our music.”

RAW RAMP: What other music, apart from your own, tends to comfort you?

“I love David Gilmour and Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” is one of my all time favourite songs…”

RAW RAMP: Do you mind being compared to progressive rock bands such as: MUSE?

“No not at all to be compared to other big rock bands makes me proud of what we have done and inspires me to keep working and writing…”


Maddison was talking to @neilmach 2018 ©


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