The Nordic rockers CHARLOTTE AND THIEVES released their new single “Younger Boy” on Friday June 15th. It’s the first to be taken from their debut EP.

Charlotte & Thieves – tombstone-heavy bass-stomp…

Charlotte” in fact, refers to Michael Charlotte, the charismatic vocalist of the band. The band is also composed of: Viktor Lindblom on guitar and vocals, Andreas Rukan on bass and Oskar Rydh on drums.

Michael was a promising cross-country skier before an illness permanently kept him away from the sport.

Younger Boy” is a revelation of self. The track evolved from the idea that at some point in life we ​​must distance ourselves from the things we were told as a child and make our own opinions. Self-criticism and evaluation are a vital part of finding a place in society. The recurring phrase: “put the gun down before learning” is a metaphor about defending oneself to maintain honour. Humility is very easily underestimated.

The 60s & 70s pop-rock influenced band has just finished mixing and mastering their debut EP titled “It Won’t Be Long We Won’t Belong.”

The tombstone-heavy bass-stomp of “Younger Boy” is a glam metal confection with a theatricality of sound that places it somewhere between Cheap Trick and Def Leppard. The huge claws of guitar will help entice the listener into this exciting and vocally energizing number.


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