SLEEP MACHINE from Los Angeles consists of vocalist Alisha Zalkin and the powerful Dan Kalisher, whose alchemy brings a formidable blast of ferocious guitar with rhythms that are constantly being built, caging the beast inside.

If you desire amnesty… you must express your love…
We believe that there is something exceptionally naked and vulnerable in Alisha’s voice…

Now the duo are about to release their single #Freedom — in time for Independence Day.

We had a listen:

With a wild stomp, this thumper hits the atmosphere like a plume geyser from Colter’s Hell.

The voice is luminous yet repressed, as if obstructed by the shackles of craving & cupidity. But this doesn’t stop the obsession… nothing will get in their way. No, because if you desire amnesty… you must express your love. That’s a war-dance worth expressing…

So, with euphoric hearts and a sense of mischief, the pair bring their song… and it thrives and it vibrates until it gives up all its strength in a passion of fiercely spiritual joy.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Photo Credit: Lauren Fontaine

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