JACK ELLIS — The Barrel Of Your Gun

The award-winning acoustic rock singer/songwriter from the Southernmost point of southern South Wales JACK ELLIS fashions real songs from real stories.

Jack Ellis – flustering rhythms and impassioned vocals…

His music takes influence from classic rock with its superior production values and acute commercial hooks that appeal to fans of Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, and Frank Turner.

His new E.P. is launched 8th Sept 2018 and Jack has released a new track ‘The Barrel of Your Gun’ as a teaser. We had a listen:

It’s a streaming thunder of gathering guitar notes, flustering rhythms and impassioned vocals.

This is turbulent, it feels close and humid, and like approaching summer rains… it’s magically refreshing too.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/JackEllisMusic/

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