THE LAST BAND — The Hunt Part 2

For something unreasonably hard, fearlessly authentic and totally audacious, try a slab of THE LAST BAND — a hard-rock ‘n’ punk band from Gothenburg who are soon to release their third studio album “HISINGEN.” It promises to be filled with dynamic recklessness…

Grr-easy scuzwuzz –

As a taster, why not check the video for “The Hunt Part 2” [shared below] that combines elements of hip-hop, heavy metal and hardcore punk in a genius mix of sounds that sits somewhere near the party vibe of Beastie Boys but with the snarl and fury of Body Count…

Although, perhaps, this has more unctuous verve and groovy scuzwuzz than both those bands… thus putting the sound of TLB closer to classic Faith No More in terms of style and substance. Whatever you think, this is excellent stuff: With punchy riffs, distorted rhythms and catchy vocals that constantly innovate. Genuinely exciting…

Their next single titled “I Got No Friends” will be out 7th September. Look out… here they come!

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©
Main Photo: Credit Karl Granberg

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