PRIMA QUEEN — at The Fin

On Tuesday we saw PRIMA QUEEN  at the magnificent North London venue The Finsbury  performing as part of the mammoth BLOGTOBERFEST with Big Pagoda and The Novatines.

Picture @neilmach ©

PRIMA QUEEN is an ensemble that features songwriters Kristin McFadden & Louise Macphail. They perform quintessentially English songs that are heavy on nostalgia, light on stomp and very well balanced between fascination and whimsy.

Imagine the gentle inspiration of Fleet Foxes, softly mused with the effective immediacy of Alanis Morissette, and you may get close to the empyrean (and sometimes ephemeral) charm of this bright & shiny outfit. At The Fin Kristin and Louise took turns to deliver pastiche songs such as “Good Things Never Last” which were often twangy and always full of golden-goodness…

Kristin has a slightly more velvety voice than her partner, and perhaps it’s laced with a touch of pain and regret, so this effectively makes their songs even more thought-provoking. Think: Joni Mitchell.

Their newer song, possibly written about a former “best friend” was kittenish (with soft claws) with slightly wonky, off-kilter rhythms and sunny smiles that concealed some cold-night woes smuggled into the verse.

Prima Queen won many new friends and admirers at The Finsbury on Tuesday evening. Their numbers were effervescent, genuinely hope-filled and brilliantly expressive.


Words & Pictures @neilmach ©

Picture Credit: @neilmach ©

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