LEADER — Open Skies

Open Skies by LEADER, the five piece rock-poppers from Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire UK, is a song of impact.

LEADER – an undercurrent of emotion, bubbling, and fizzing…

A track atmospheric in its delivery, a contribution of significance for alternative music. The band’s style marries together pulsating hooks with contrasting elements. It might sound exuberant but underneath those pivotal instrumentals is an undercurrent of emotion, bubbling, and fizzing.

The song has poppy touches, but it’s predominantly a rock charm, cultivated by talent and assertiveness. It has a backbone, it has appeal, and it contains one hell of an infectious chorus. 

By listening on, the song grows at a rapid speed, starting off elegantly and then morphing into something completely authentic.

The tension is there to be felt. The rush of euphoria manages to stay alive and that enormous chorus floods through creating a perfect moment. Over the course of the song those lyrics form too, giving us an insight. Although, the lyrics are sharp and brash, they’re there to tell us an engaging story.

Overall, Dark Skies takes the alternative music formula and adds stability. The stab of guitars and that eventful chorus makes everything bloom fantastically well.

Words: Mark McConville
Link: https://www.facebook.com/leaderofficial/

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