New Album from P.O.D.

The San Diego U.S. based Christian nu-metal quartet P.O.D. [Payable on Death] will release their new album “Circles” this November — to be released on 16th via Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group.

P.O.D. fighting prescription drug abuse…

Since the early 1990s, the band, with Marcos Curiel (lead guitar and backing vox) and Wuv Bernardo (drums) and Sonny Sandoval (lead vox) and Traa Daniels (bass since 1994) — have sold over 12 million records worldwide.

P.O.D. have performed at Download Festival, Hellfest, Rock on the Range, River City Rockfest, Carolina Rebellion, and Aftershock Festival, as well as shared stages with In This Moment, Prophets of Rage, Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch.

The album is the first from the San Diego band since “The Awakening” in 2015.

Talking about the release of the title track, front-man Sonny Sandoval explains: “Circles is a culmination of 26 years of P.O.D.. It’s neither old school or new, just a sound we’re familiar with and have helped pioneer throughout our career. When you hear it you know it’s P.O.D.

The band collaborated with the production duo “Heavy” [Jason Bell & Jordan Miller] for this disc, who ensured the album has a contemporary sound, but that it also retains the distinctive audio qualities of the band.

With instinctive lyrics, such as “Poison kills the pain…” the title track Circles from the upcoming album refers to fighting prescription drug abuse….

This is a big problem, fueled by large pharma conglomerates in recent decades… who seem to have been handing-out opioids to middle-class Americans like they were jelly-beans. Now it’s become a burden that has crippled society, put strains on public health, a debilitated a huge proportion of the wage earning public. The song may have its juicy moments, and there is no lack of intelligence in the rap, but there is also a hidden stream of discalm and tragedy that comes before a woeful, foreboding endpiece. So, like the opiate poisons themselves, this song offers short advantage in exchange for morbid darkness.


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