ANNEKE V GIERSBERGEN — Zo Lief from Symphonized

Dutch singer ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN, best known as a frequent collaborator of Arjen Anthony Lucassen [Ayreon] releases her new live orchestral album “Symphonized” in just over a week.

Anneke – hanging on/letting go…

Earlier this year, Anneke played two shows with the Residentie Orkest, The Hague that spanned her entire career, performing themes from The Gathering, VUUR, solo material and more. Now those special performances will become available when released as ‘Symphonized’, an 11-track live album due 16th November 2018.

We listened to ‘Zo Lief’ — a previously unreleased song, performed in Dutch [shared below]

She says the song is about hanging on/letting go and the transitions faced in life that tend to turn out to be more difficult than expected…

The enchanting piece starts with a sinking piano, while Annie shepherds the footsteps, with the delicate, exquisite beauty of each song-note clasped like a jewel before repentant release. This is charming, and really soothing, with a medieval melody reminiscent of “After the Gold Rush.”


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